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Commercial Pest Control in New Jersey

Defending Your New Jersey Business Against Pest Threats

As a business owner, you wear many hats, but 'pest control technician' is probably one you're not familiar with nor suited to wear. Even so, it's likely that at some point, pests will try to invade your business. You can't simply ignore them, and you might not have the expertise required to get rid of them, so what can you do? Turn to the professionals at Resolve Pest Management! Our customized pest control solutions for New Jersey area businesses will eliminate your current pest problems and prevent future ones in order to protect your business.

Commercial Pest Control From Resolve Pest Management

To gain an understanding of your pest problems, during our pest control process, we'll begin by discussing your concerns with you. We'll go over what you've noticed recently and if you've had any past issues. From there, we'll do a complete walkthrough of your property to look for pest activity, potential entry points, areas of harborage, and any conducive conditions.

With the information from this inspection, we'll develop a pest management plan that takes your particular pest problems into account. We'll treat all the current pest activity that you're dealing with in your facility with the appropriate methods and products, while taking steps to prevent future infestations.

We recommend recurring service visits to protect your business year-round. Depending on the severity of your current pest infestation and your future needs, we offer bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly service plans.

Facilities We Service


Having a pest infestation in a school building will not only disrupt learning, but will also put your students and teachers at risk. Protect your educational facility from pest threats with the help of Resolve Pest Management.


Sanitary conditions are essential in a hospital setting, but pests can quickly compromise the sanitation of medical facilities when they get inside. Keep your facility pest-free by partnering with Resolve Pest Management.

Office Buildings

Office buildings see a lot of traffic day in and day out, which puts your building at greater risk of getting a pest infestation. Protect your office building with a pest control plan from Resolve Pest Management.


Warehouses are a hotspot for pest problems, and once they find their way inside, they can cause some serious damage. Partner with the team at Resolve Pest Management to keep pests out of your warehouse.


When pests invade restaurants, they will contaminate your food, make your customers sick, and ruin the reputation of your establishment. Put a stop to pest problems with Resolve Pest Management.


In the hospitality business, impressions are everything. Your guests won't return if they find bed bugs in their bed or cockroaches in the bathroom. Keep pests out of your hotel with Resolve Pest Management.

Reasons To Choose Resolve Pest Management

Choosing a pest control company is not a decision to take lightly. Here's why you can trust Resolve Pest Management:

  • We customize our service to your business's particular pest problems.
  • We provide free quotes for our pest control services.
  • Our service comes with a pest-free guarantee.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency services.
  • You choose the frequency of our visits based on your needs and budget.
  • Our services are affordable.
  • We value honesty in all aspects of what we do.
  • We stay up-to-date on the latest, most effective methods, and treatments.
  • We have ten years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • We are family owned and operated.
  • We resolve your pest problems and prevent future ones.

We're Dedicated To Resolving Your Pest Problems

Having pest problems is dangerous for your business, your facility, your equipment and inventory, your customers, and your employees. Resolving pest problems as soon as you discover them is vital to the continued success of your business and the health and safety of the people who make it possible. Resolve Pest Management offers customized commercial pest control plans in Toms River, Mount Holly, and the surrounding areas that eliminate active threats and prevents future pest problems. Contact us to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are recurring services necessary?

If your goal is to both rid your business of active pests and keep pests out in the future, then recurring services are very important. While our treatments are extremely effective at eliminating and preventing pests, they begin to break down over time. By providing on-going services to your business regularly, we maintain its protection and keep it pest-free.

What industries do you service?

We provide our pest control services to a wide range of industries. These include: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, And Other Healthcare Providers, Schools, Homeowners Associations, Condos And Apartment Buildings, Warehouses, Churches, Camps And Cabins, Office Buildings, Storage Facilities. If you don't see your industry listed above, please contact us to see if we can help!

How does your scheduling work?

We understand that treating pest problems in a business setting can be difficult. You need discretion and the least disruptive service possible. That's why we will work with you to develop a service schedule that works for your business's particular needs.

Do your treatment methods comply with our industry standards?

Every industry operates under certain guidelines, standards, and laws. When we develop your pest control program, we'll address those standards to ensure we are complying with your industry's protocols.

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